UK Biobank Annual Meeting 2016

Welcome to the archive for the UK Biobank Annual Meeting 2016. All sessions will be made available below shortly after their completion.

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Opening remarks - Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman, UK Biobank Board
Welcome - Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank Principal Investigator
Participant panel - Chaired by Fergus Walsh, BBC
The role of the Ethics and Governance Council - Baroness Helene Hayman, Chair, UK Biobank Ethics & Governance Council


Introduction to baseline data - Professor Sir Rory Collins, UK Biobank
Activity data - Dr Soren Brage, University of Cambridge and Dr Aiden Doherty, University of Oxford
UK Biobank Eye and Vision Consortium - Professor Paul Foster, University College London
Cognition - Professor John Gallacher, UK Dementias Platform
Mental Health - Professor Daniel Smith, University of Glasgow


Introduction to imaging - Steve Garratt, UK Biobank Senior Project Manager
Imaging the body and liver - Professor Jimmy Bell, University of Westminster
Imaging the brain - Professor Mark Jenkinson, University of Oxford
Imaging the heart - Professor Steffen Petersen, Queen Mary University of London
DXA imaging - Professor Nick Harvey, University of Southampton
Imaging panel discussion - Panel chair: Dr Giles Maskell, President, The Royal College of Radiologists

Video Message from Dr Francis Collins, Director, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland


Introduction to follow up - Professor Cathie Sudlow, UK Biobank Chief Scientist
Mental health - Professor Matthew Hotopf, King’s College London
Dementia - Dr Tim Wilkinson, University of Edinburgh
Cancer - Dr Naomi Allen, UK Biobank Senior Epidemiologist
Follow up panel discussion - Panel chair: Professor John Danesh


Introduction to genetics - Dr Clare Bycroft and Professor Jonathan Marchini, University of Oxford
Understanding the causes and consequences of high BMI - Dr Jess Tyrrell, University of Exeter
UK BiLEVE a study of lung disease - Professor Martin Tobin, University of Leicester
Autoimmunity in UK Biobank - Professor Stephen Sawcer, University of Cambridge
Genetics panel discussion - Panel chair: Professor Bernard Keavney, University of Manchester